GF#10: techSent // Painful is Birth…again and again

Rheological nature. Flexible axioms. Viscous time and space.

A prototype of a non-place / simulation of heterotopia.

Meditative states:

transience, ambiguity, amorphousness.

Virtual futures, disembodied hybrid identities and geo-national hypothesis.

Optically amplified contingencies via stimulated emission of light.

How fluid is reality?

25th May 2016


Opening and performance


MBJ Wetware 
[perfromance and installation]

Through this performance/ installation, human and technological sensually merge in a constant flow and transformation, following what Maturana & Varela called an operational closure (an organisational and structural integrity for the sake of coping with the environment). A voice controlled laser projection navigates different levels of sensoriality via meditative to factual body texts’ interplay, where the human nervous system and the cybernetic system feed one another. Always female – voice and gesture translate into digital signal while the synthetically generated voice explores her own limits of emulating human empathy. A soft and sentient, yet complex interrelation generates its dynamics through vocalisation through Jones’ proxy personification MBJ Wetware.

Through these autopoietic acts, physical subjectification and virtual representation converse with each other and with the environment: a relationality between autonomous unities, based upon artificial empathy and affect. Text, speech, light and gestures consolidate into the three elements of the performance, interactive and interchangeble; they act as symbols exploring the current state of emotions’ commodification by technocapitalism via affective computing, AI, machine learning and data analytics, amongst others.

Marija Bozinovska Jones & Jayson Haebich

‘Painful is Birth…Again and again’

[darkroom installation]

Jayson Haebich and Marija Bozinovska Jones present a visual manifestation of autopoietic dynamics and operational closure in the form of a glass tank crossed by eight ultraviolet laser modules.

Code, data and sensors serve to translate information to a tangible interface through the refraction of light, challenging perception and sensitivity. Materials operate here as an accessible language to human perception, yet no human component participates in this looping cycle. The generative drive within it is the actual quality of those materials, as the stones accumulate the information carried by light. Light as data and stones as memory devices, while sensors artificially feel. The system nourishes itself through mediation tools, becoming a self generative techno-metabolism. A fluid relationship between diverse systems is created, enabling the feedback loop to self perpetuate infinitely.