RG #3: The Future is a Collective Project

The Future is a Collective Project

First day under the full moon in Sagittarius (Sunday May 22nd)
Green Ray / Unit 7 / 50 Resolution Way / SE8 4NT

This a participatory research group, akin to a reading group but not limited to texts. It is grounded in the question: Are we carrying the right tools to shape the future we want and need?

Through collectively viewing, reading, talking and thinking about art works/texts/books/films/projects, that address the idea of the future from the position of ‘the other’, it is hoped that the group can begin to explore the following:

// Marginalised ideas and practices of the past being essential considerations in thinking about the future;
// The future as a tool of fiction for asserting our desires and articulating what is missing or ignored in the present;
// The possibilities of future thinking from the position of ‘the other’

The Future is a Collective Project aims to provide a fortnightly space to pool knowledge whilst slowing down, regrouping, considering and planning.

In the interest of moving outside of the Western and patriarchal construction of clock time and its characterisations of past, present and future, meetings will be scheduled according to the lunar calendar.


In this session, we will be activating the work, ‘Futures and Fortunes’, of artist collective, Fourthland. ‘Futures and Fortunes’ is a current travelling work which will occur for the third time at Green Ray.

Developing a landscape of Futures and Fortunes through a series of spontaneous encounters and unexpected proximity, prompted by a selection of objects. Guided by a set of simple actions and collective improvisation, fragments of narratives are collected.

The work was developed in response to the following thoughts:

What is the potential of unexpected proximity?
Where is ‘the present’?

Hessian, stitching, mouths

The work has previously been activated during ‘Encounters’, with researchers at Cabot institute of Climate Change, Bristol and at ‘Conventions of Proximity’, a workshop as part of a Birkbeck symposium.


Fourthland is a collaborative arts and social practice, working with a range of publics to harness the latent knowledge of land and people.

Recent exhibitions include: Arnolfini, PEER Gallery, Errant Bodies, Cities Methodologies. With residencies at Cabot Institute of Climate Change, ]performance s p a c e [, Archway Herbal Clinic, Rowan Arts Trust. Workshops: Bergen Academy of Art, Norway, The Cabot Institute, Sir John Cass school of art, Art of Nature, with experimental conferences at the Arnolfini Bristol, UCL Urban Lab and Clore Studio South London Gallery.


The Future is a Collective Project is grounded in the research of Goldsmiths MFA Curating student and Green Ray co-director, Nathalie Boobis. All participants will be credited as researchers in her work and any participant that wishes to use the sessions for their own research is encouraged to do so.

If you haven’t already, please email nathalie.boobis@gmail.com to express your interest in attending in order to get an idea of numbers and be added to the mailing list.


Image Credit: ‘Back to where we have not quite been’ – Fouthland