GF#9: Carl Gent – L’Heure Verte: 1st Tasting

23RD MAY 2016: 5PM

The Orient, the Occident and the Accident walk into a bar:

‘Have you heard comrade? It is the hour!

‘Which hour?

‘The Hour!’


‘The hour of resurrection!

‘Which is when?

‘At 5’o’clock! At clocking out! When labours end and the sun and moon fold into each other.

‘Which is what?

‘The day of distillation! When a third of our waters turn foul in the pipes and many men shall be poisoned.

‘Which is where?

‘Where civilities and civilisations collide!

‘But how can this be?

‘The receptor affinity! Barakah! Contagion heuristic! Mine’s [a] bitter. Let sculpture be liquid and let bodies dissolve!

‘Which hour?


‘Who’s buying?


L’Heure Verte: 1st tasting is a performance and absinthe tasting by Carl Gent that marks the opening of the debut bottle of Gent’s home-distilled absinthe and the continuation of work at Green Ray that began with the redesigning of the gallery’s logo.

The event will consist of the sharing of a single bottle of absinthe during a performance lecture where the absinthe’s manufacture and prehistory is divulged.

The event will be free to attend but due to the limited quantity of absinthe available only ten visitors will be able to participate in the absinthe drinking. (Other visitors will be given alternative refreshments.)

If you are interested in participating as an absinthe-drinker please confirm your attendance here:

Participation is dependant upon you arriving at the gallery at 5pm sharp for a 5.10pm start. The performance will last approximately forty minutes.

Note: absinthe drinkers must be over 18 to participate.

Carl Gent is an artist, writer and musician from Bexhill-on-sea, UK. He obtained his MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London (2015). Forthcoming and recent exhibitions and performances include Wiðercwedolu þá Glésincga, Residence Gallery, London; Song for the Destructor Flue, Museum of Technology, Cambridge, A Return to the Island, Fundació Palma Espai D’art, Palma; Questions for Meliza hosted by; The Space of No Exception, Sokol Gallery, Moscow; Ground Ground, Cafe Oto Project Space, London; Bad Truth, IV Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Moscow; and Gnats Inside the Wind Transposed for the Proterozoic Eon performed at Gustav Metzger’s Facing Extinction conference at UCA, Farnham, and All Silent but for the Broadcast, Royal College of Art Galleries, London.