O Super (hu/wo-) man #1: Eloïse Bonneviot

Ground Floor Installation and Permormance
Opening: Friday 29th April 2016
6 – 9pm

O Super (hu/wo-) man is an exploration through the sphere of the non-things: things that are not necessarily embodied. “Things that can not be held in the hand” **, such as information and data, experiences, movement, language and disembodied things in general. Data is now exploited as any other material, it is addressed as an actual physical material and turned into valuable entity, even as a currency. Data is overloading hardwares while burning energy in remote datacentres, it generates wealth through untiring corelations and targetings, while bringing a ridicoulous pace to our lives and a new understanding of what survival means. Machines are bodies and bodies are machines and this human-machinic interaction keeps increasing, in order to understand and to grasp the world we live in and to shape our perception of it. Therefore so much tracking, processing and building of new realities, while boundaries get more and more blurred. What is progress afterall? This project is about embodiment, disembodiment, language, abstraction and progress and the absurd and paradoxical relation between culture nature and technology.

O Superman is a song by Laurie Anderson.

Artists Eloïse Bonneviot, Joey Holder, Janina Lange and Marija Bozinovska Jones will bring their own views in relation to those subjects. Their projects will run one after the other and will at times overlap and interact witheachother in the space.

#1: Eloïse Bonneviot: 29th of April and 16th of May (preview and performance)
Eloïse Bonneviot will present a performative installation based upon her project ‘Thinking like a Mountain’, where she gathered information about accidents happening on mountains and turned this into a videogame. This next level of the project will consist in a performative embodiment of the immaterial side of Thinking like a mountain, a physical enactment of the information.

#2: Marija Bozinovska Jones: 2nd of May (one night event)
Within the frame of Bonneviot’s installation, Marija Bozinovska Jones will offer new non-self-centered ways of quantification and enhancement with superfoods.

#3: Joey Holder: 8th of May (exhibition preview)
Joey Holder will present an immersive ‘liquid environment’ based upon expeditions to the oceans in order to unlock its secrets and contribute to human knowledge and development, while making visible a hidden side of the world which is of great importance.

#4: Janina Lange: (preview and performance)
more info coming soon…

–Project curated by Gabriela Acha with the support and collaboration of Green Ray.

**Vilem Flusser